Programmable Controllers

Programmable Controllers

Programmable Controller Course Starter Packs Now Available

If you (or someone you know would) like to learn how to setup and program Programmable Controllers, you can now save up to 20% with our new "multi-course" starter packs starting at just $99.99. Our Standard Starter Pack includes both...

Point I/O vs Flex I/O

A reader recently asked what the difference was between Point I/O and Flex I/O, and in today's article I'll share my thoughts on the subject. Note: Those not familiar with Rockwell's I/O products may also want to consider 1756 I/O,...

The Siemens S7-1200

The Simatic S7-1200 is Siemens's programmable controller aimed at stand-alone and basic automation applications, and is often referred to as their Basic or Compact controller. From my perspective as a long time Rockwell user, the S7-1200 seems to be most similar...

Fatal Application Error Encountered in Studio 5000 Logix Designer

As I was prepping to film additional lessons for my CompactLogix course yesterday, I ran into a completely new Studio 5000 Logix Designer "Fatal Error" that I hadn't run into before. After I duplicated the issue on two different PCs,...

First Look: Connected Components Workbench 12 (video)

We take a first look at the new features of Connected Components Workbench version 12 in this week's episode of The Automation Show : For more information, check out the "Show Notes" located below the video. The Automation Show, Episode 12...

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