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ControlLogix Training Video and Detailed Lessons

What should you learn if you're going to start programming or maintaining Allen-Bradley ControlLogix Programmable Automation Controllers? Well, in the below video I cover all the different subjects I believe are important and can be found in my new eight...

New ControlLogix Lesson Added!

One of the most requested topics for my ControlLogix course has been the creating and using of Add-on Instructions (AOIs) And today I'm happy to announce the addition of a new lesson to PAC Basics which teaches students how to create and...
Small Ethernet PLC's from A-B

Small Allen-Bradley (A-B) Ethernet Programmable Controllers

Today, Ethernet is the network of choice for automation systems. In years past, Ethernet was an expensive and costly add-on. However, more and more small programmable controllers are now coming with Ethernet as standard. Below we’ll cover what is available today for small...
1769-L3, L2, L1 CompactLogix

How to set the Ethernet/IP address of your new CompactLogix using the USB port

If you're still using BOOT-P to set the IP address of your USB equipped 5370 CompactLogix, today I'll show you a much easier way. First, you'll need a standard USB cable. This is the same type you would use with...

The First Generation of CompactLogix Controllers

The CompactLogix family of Programmable Automation Controllers has been popular with Small Machine Builders and System Integrators for many years. The most obvious reason for its popularity is that it's smaller and less expensive then Rockwell's ControlLogix line, while still...

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