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Connect FactoryTalk View and Linx to the Micro800

One of my connections recently shared how he was able to connect FactoryTalk View Studio to the new Micro800 Simulator (thanks Floyd!) After reviewing his email, I thought it would be a great opportunity share with everyone how you setup...

What's New with Logix and View? (video)

In this week's episode of The Automation Show, we take a look at What's New in Logix and View based on the Automation Fair 2018 presentations: For more information, check out the "Show Notes" located below the video. The Automation Show,...

What's New in View, AF2018

One of my favorite Automation Fair Technical Sessions is "What's New in View," and in today's article I'll highlight the slides that caught my attention as I reviewed this year's presentation. First up was several slides about the PanelView 5000...

What's New in FactoryTalk View Site Edition (TechED 18)

In today's article I'll review my top five FactoryTalk View Site Edition announcements from the "What's New in Visualization" TechED presentation. Note: You can get your own copy of the full presentation by following the steps in my previous article here. 1)...

Parameter Files Not Working in ViewStudio Site Edition

In Today's article I discuss why your FactoryTalk View Studio Site Edition Parameter Files may not work. While I was recording lessons for my View Studio Site Edition course, "ViewSE Basics," I ran into a new issue with Parameter Files. I...

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